Friday, November 21, 2014

RVN nyc

If you are not familiar with their clothing check their website out here. Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kelly Osbourne and Kate Hudson have been seen wearing the brand.

Most recently, I spotted Gabrielle Union in a crop top and skirt from the brand. She is wearing a boxy top and pencil skirt in their mondrian jacq print. This set will run you over $400.00. I have found several other printed cropped sweater skirt sets. Check them out below the jump.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Spotted . . .

Christian Louboutin Mrs. Bouglione look for less

Christian Louboutin's Mrs. Bouglione booties are undeniably hot. The cut out booties have a closed toe, grid cutouts and a fitted ankle making them easy to pair with pants, dresses or skirts. I've spotted them on Rocsi Diaz and Jennifer Lopez but given the price and the pain (I do not find Louboutin's comfortable AT ALL) these will never make it into my closet. Then I spotted a pair of caged shooties by Le Chateau that put me in the mind of Mrs. Bouglione. They are NOT a not knock off (I am not a fan of knock offs and do not support their business) but are clearly inspired by Mrs. Bouglione. I do not mind an inspired by item. These Le Chateau suede pointy cage shooties can get you the look of Louboutin's Mrs. Bouglione for a lot less money and most likely, a lot less pain. I mean what, besides childbirth, could be more painful than a pair of Louboutins?

Purchase the Le Chateau shooties here.

If you're loaded up on percocet and have an extra $1600 to blow purchase Mrs. Bouglione here.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Holiday Outfit Ideas

I have already started thinking about the holiday season, can you tell? I saw the super cute Worthington tuxedo in JC Penney the other day and was shocked at the quality. It does not look or feel like a low end item at all. A tuxedo suit for less than $100? Definitely worth the cost. I've also included some higher priced items in this set for you to peruse.

What will you be wearing to your holiday party? Will you incorporate red into your look? Planning on wearing a dress? Or pants or maybe a skirt? I'm still undecided but am considering options like the looks below.

Holiday outfits incorporating red

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New York African Restaurant Week

New York City is the food capital. You can find food from every culture within these five boroughs. New York African Restaurant Week is the 1st restaurant week to celebrate and hi-light African restaurants throughout the city. The week kicks off tonight with an opening gala at  Suite 36. For just $50 per person enjoy a night of food, (from some of the city's finest African restaurants) culture, performances and dancing.

The menu is a three course sampler from Ghanaian, Senegalese, Moroccan, Nigerian and South African chefs. Need I say more? Here is a link to purchase tickets to tonight's event and other events that will be held during the week. 

You can thank me later. :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

An African City

An African City is a youtube web series starring five African woman who after spending much of their lives abroad have returned to Ghana to settle. The show has been described as Sex and the City meets Ghana and after one episode you will quickly understand why. The women are beautiful, smart, and funny and through the episodes you watch them navigate their careers, love lives and the not so easy transition of being a returnee in your home country, all while wearing FABULOUS frocks.

The characters are: Ngozi, the vegetarian, chaste and religious one; Sade, the Harvard Business school graduate whose ambition is matched only by her sexual appetite; Zainab, an entrepreneur whose business exports Shea products from Ghana to western countries; Makena, the unemployed attorney; and Nana Yaa, the journalist and lead actress.

The show is fast paced and enjoyable. I really enjoyed the episodes being that I was once a returnee, and a non-Twi speaking returnee at that so navigating Ghana was not easy kraaa! I could definitely relate and not only could I relate it made me miss Ghana and long for an extended visit. Something I am hoping to make happen soon.

The show has featured designers from the continent like Unknown Collection, Ameyo Fashion House,
Royal Jelly Harlem, Christie Brown, Afro Mod Trends, Kiki Clothing and Osei Duro.

If you're not watching you are missing out!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hole on to this trend

Have you been noticing the leather trend? Leather is so popular folks are even sporting it casually as track pants. Clearly, we are going to get every  last breath out of this trend because we will be rocking even in hot temperatures, just with holes. Sounds crazy? Well, just think of Perforated leather! In both real and vegan leather and in lovely spring hues, so that the material is not only breathable but is also light colored and Spring/Summer appropriate.. The items below  have caught my eye, I am particularly interested in the perforated Banana Republic Dress and Coach Bleeker Daily bag. The Bleeker daily bag can also be used as a clutch.

Hole on to this trend